About Amy

I fell in love with photography very early in my life.  I was attracted to the medium as a blend of art and science, a means of both observation and expression.

After more than thirty years with a camera in  hand,  I can see that my collection of pictures form a sort of  visual diary of my life. They are  like a trail of crumbs, each representing a trace glimpse of places I’ve been,  people i’ve encountered, and  wonders of nature I’ve admired.  Art has been a good, trusted friend, and a clear lens through which to explore the world around me as well as within.  It is a language that helps me communicate what i see and feel to others, and  it is the best way i’ve found to pay forward the beauty i experience.

I have incorporated a wide range of techniques in my photographic art practice over the years, beginning with traditional darkroom practices, and eventually transitioning to a digital “darkroom”.    Additionally, I love to hand paint selected bodies of work with dry pastel, paints or encaustic.

I’m originally from Northern California, and  still travel there regularly to visit loved ones and familiar favorite landscapes.  Since 2004, i’ve been living  in British Columbia.  




To see a World in a Grain of Sand and Heaven in a Wild Flower,  Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand, and Eternity in an hour.         – William Blake


Many thanks to two dear friends and amazing artists,
Thea Schack and Shari Macdonald, for photos on this page.